We design healthy buildings and communities always focusing on the highest degree of sustainability. We design buildings and urban areas for industry leading companies and public clients. And we are client advisers on large and complex building projects. 

Our projects are created together with the customers and users

NORD designs healthy buildings and communities always focusing on the highest degree of sustainability. We design buildings and urban areas for industry leading companies and public clients. And we are client advisers on large and complex building projects. 

We are focused on six main agendas in our work: 

  1. Healthy Ageing  
  2. Green Construction  
  3. Innovative education 
  4. Strategic Client Advising
  5. Additive Transformation 
  6. Ideal Neighborhoods  

Copenhagen, a green and healthy city, is an international icon for livable cities, this is where NORD started. Now we undertake projects internationally from Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and USA.

Our practice is rooted in new Scandinavian architecture – and as a result we see architecture as an important social component that helps us create welfare. We involve the users in our design both before and during the creative process. This approach enriches the projects and results in the best possible architecture that suits its users.

NORD is an agile medium-scale office that serves its clients with personal commitment, and we love to succeed together with our collaborators. Architecture is teamwork! 

Anders Wærum Rognerud Architect anders@nordarchitects.dk
Anton Bro Brandt Constructing Architect MAK anton@nordarchitects.dk
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Johannes Molander Pedersen Partner & Architect johannes@nordarchitects.dk
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Morten Rask Gregersen Partner & Architect AA Dipl RIBA II morten@nordarchitects.dk
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