Co-existence Village

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Our proposal for a development plan for a cultural heritage site in Copenhagen is called ‘Co-existence Village’. We proposed to treat the site with respect and contribute to preserving its character. At the same time, a newly developed district would be able to absorb and strengthen the special qualities and environments that are already present and become something quite unique in Copenhagen.

The location is unique, close to the city, the water and nature. The place has its own character and culture, and not least a lot of dedicated residents and citizens. It has all the ingredients needed to develop a special place in the city. A place of character, content and values. A place that looks like nothing else in Copenhagen.

We live in a time where we must think and act with innovative solutions to solve a number of the challenges we face. The new urban plan can help to create better societal cohesion and increase biodiversity. The site can become an example of new models for our interaction with nature and the way we live. This can be achieved if the area is developed with a pervasive community mindset – communities aligned with the existing cultural environments, nature and water. Communities that do things together, shares facilities and resources.

It can become a neighborhood where new ideas are based on trust, togetherness and cooperation and seeking social sustainability, which is also the basis for environmental and economic sustainability.

  • Location:

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Client:

    By og Havn, PFA

  • Year:


  • Typology:


  • Size:

    68.000 m2

  • Status:

    Competition proposal

  • Collaborators:

    Sweco, Masu